Change domain name – the right way

Domain name is akin to home address of a website. Sometimes there arises a need to change the domain name due to rebranding or newly acquired business or some other personal reason. It becomes important to change the domain name the right way so that you don’t loose upon visitors and the efforts put on […]

5 benefits of running an online business

Online businesses are becoming increasingly popular. And it’s not hard to see why! A web venture avoids many of the traditional difficulties that entrepreneurs can face, like financial risks, high operating costs, and limited opportunities to reach a large audience. Right now, technology has made it much easier to start a business online. This is […]

How to Brand Your Website for Free

Your website is more than just a place to sell your product. It’s an introduction to your prospective customers. A place to express your unique brand voice. The impression your website gives is what encourages visitors to either look somewhere else, or spend more time browsing. The truth is, web design and branding directly affect […]

How to write an ‘About Us’ page

Most people struggle to write an About us page. Often this page remain ignored but without a well crafted ‘About us’ page you miss the opportunity to introduce the face behind your brand to your customers. Here we discuss about tips on writing an About us page. What is an About us page?About us page […]

Importance and techniques of web optimized image on a website

Pictures are a indispensable part of a modern website.  Pictures leaves an instantaneous impression on the viewer’s mind. Ecommerce or a travel website depend a lot on the visual impression on a viewer’s mind. Even search engines have started indexing pictures of a website thus helping in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but pictures are […]

Social Media the new Customer Service channel

Developing and managing an efficient and effective customer support system is a very important aspect in the growth as well as promotion of any business- big or small. Trending today, the customers prefer to check the social media – the reviews, comments and answers to any queries they make regarding a brand. They prefer the […]

How to create a Facebook business page

You have created a stunning website but how do you promote your website? Now the challenge is to get people to your website. Here comes in promotion and today Facebook has become a great promotion tool connecting communities of same interest, likes and need. Facebook makes it easier to explore and interact with brands. Here […]

How to Make a Professional Website

Technology has made complex tasks simple and with the evolution of page builders building your own website has become as simple as writing an email. Its no longer about putting one’s business information online but making use of the technology to do business online. It has become a lot easier to promote a brand and […]


website trends in 2020

Change is inevitable and welcome and so is the change in web designing. As consumers become more mature in the way they browse and perceive the internet, web designing is evolving to meet the needs. Here are a list of trends in web designing in 2020 to watch out for, while some of them maybe […]