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Free SSL with every website

Free SSL

HTTPS or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is a secure connection which helps data transfer between your site and the user securely. All Webyts websites are enabled with a SSL certificate at no additional cost.

Compatible with all devices

Website designs are compatible with all platforms, whether user is accessing the site on a mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer or wide-screen. With Responsive Web Design technique, the website adapts the layout to the environment that it is being viewed in. It makes similar feelings for all platforms.

Background Videos

We packed a whole lot of functionality inside every website. You can add a a video background to your website which will be compatible to all devices.

Google Fonts

You can use the incredible variety of beautiful fonts you find all over the web on your website. You can add any Google font on any part of your website.

Choose from ahost of googlefonts for your website


Choose from dozens of widgets to create any content you need: buttons, headlines, forms, etc. You can do anything.

Easy editing with drag n drop

We have added an amazing drag and drop builders to your website for crafting your website. It truly is impressive to think that all you need to do is to drag and drop elements and you can change the web design entirely. No requirement of having any tech needs at all. You can simply drag the content to any part of the websitewith a click of a button. You can add many new features on your own.

Edit website with visual editor

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